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My curvy little fugitive will pay for her crimes. In my arms.

Who knew a night out celebrating my law school graduation would change my life? One look a the gorgeous girl and I know things will never be the same. She steals my heart then disappears like a thief in the night.
Seven years later, fate smiles on me and brings her back into my life.
It seems, my curvy little doll has been busy getting into trouble. That’s okay. I’m the best criminal attorney in Silver Spoon Falls.
After I get the silly charges against my girl dropped, I plan to throw all my energy into making sure she doesn’t get away again.
I’ve lived through seven years, three months and fourteen days of hell missing my girl and there’s no way I’ll let her slip through my fingers again.
Cora’s days on the run are over. I plan to tie her to me for eternity and put an end to her life of crime.
Welcome to Silver Spoon Falls, TX. The men here are known for having it all. Except there’s a shortage of eligible ladies in town to share it with. These determined men won’t let that slow them down. Like the MC brotherhood who calls this small-town home, their best friends, brothers, and neighbors will turn the town on its ear looking for their curvy soulmates in this spin-off series of sweet and steamy instalove romances from Loni Ree, Nichole Rose, and jointly as Loni Nichole.

You’ve already fallen for the Silver Spoon MC. Now get ready to fall for the single men of Silver Spoon Falls!

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I groan when the bartender sets another drink on the bar in front of me. Knowing this is a bad idea doesn’t stop me from picking up the fruity concoction and taking a sip. I’m so going to regret this tomorrow morning, but I’m determined to make the best of our last night in South Padre Island. While most of the partiers are college students, I’m here with a group of friends celebrating our upcoming high school graduation and my last ounce of freedom before I jump into adulthood. Unlike most high school graduates, I don’t have the luxury of taking the summer off.

Lucky for us, the bouncers aren’t concerned with pesky little details like checking IDs. At eighteen, I’m three years underage, but that didn’t stop me from getting into this packed bar. My friend, Celeste, slaps her hand down on the bar next to my margarita while slurring in my ear, “How many does that make?”

“I lost count a while back.” I shrug and mumble past my numb lips, “But this is my last one.” Pushing back from the bar, I attempt to stand, but it seems my legs are filled with jelly. I dig my nails into the wood, trying to stay on my wobbly feet. “Oh boy,” I groan. “I have to go pee.” What I meant as a whisper suddenly echoes around the crowded bar, and several people turn to look at me. Oops. My bad. The alcohol-infused blood running through my veins absorbs my mortification. “I’ll be back.” I pat Celeste’s shoulder and start my long trek to the back of the crowded bar.

“I’ll be here,” Celeste calls after me.

Halfway down the long, dark back hallway, I glance up and stumble to a stop as I look into startled brown bright green eyes. Oh my, the man walking toward me is the definition of tall, dark, and holy cow handsome. “Excuse me,” I whimper and attempt to brush past him. The insanely hot giant isn’t letting me by.

“Are you okay?” His warm palm wraps around my elbow, sending heat coursing through my blood while electricity crackles along my nerves. I stare into his emerald green eyes and feel my girly parts melting. Oof. He’s potent. And the heat shining from those freaking stunning eyes is doing all kinds of crazy things to my overheated body. My heavily inebriated mind allows my eyes to blatantly move down his muscular body while I fight the urge to drool. Holy momma. Where is this bravery coming from?

I barely resist the urge to run my fingers through his thick, dark blond hair to see if it’s as soft as it appears. I’m unable to stop a wayward thought from echoing around my brain—this man is well-built in all the important areas. A light blue polo shirt is stretched across his massive chest while his well-worn blue jeans barely contain all the muscles in his legs. Oof. And I’m pretty sure the humungous bulge in the front is a sign that this man is a god. I pull myself together when he repeats his question. “Are you okay, baby doll?” The words send weird emotions flowing through my alcohol-soaked brain.

“Fine and dandy.” I stand tall, attempting to appear normal, but end up almost falling at his feet. “I need to pee.” Oh my God. I can’t believe my freaking slushy brain is letting my unruly mouth run the show. The hottie’s green eyes widen for a second before he pulls me close to his side and wraps an arm around my waist to stabilize me.

“I can’t fucking believe this,” the tall, handsome god mutters while running his massive hand up and down the sensitive skin of my outer arm. “Come on, baby doll. I’ll help you get to the restroom.” His dark, spicy scent surrounds me, and I’m powerless to stop my body from melting against him.

Sober Cora would be mortified at my hussy behavior, but my drunk self doesn’t have the mental capacity to feel much of anything. Except lust. Oh man, my hot savior is inspiring all kinds of crazy, inappropriate thoughts to run through my mind.

“Thank you.” I’m so proud of myself for managing the somewhat appropriate comment. “I’m Cora.” Good manners kick in as I introduce myself to him.

“Adam.” He stops outside the ladies’ room and tells me, “I’ll wait for you out here. Yell if you need anything.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.” Did that come out of my mouth? “I can make it back to the bar by myself.” Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Don’t turn down his offer. The neurons in my brain attempt to fire, but they aren’t a match for the insane amount of alcohol saturating my blood.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight.” He pushes the door open for me. “Now that I’ve found you, I plan to keep you.” I blink several times, wondering if I heard him right, or is my alcohol-infused brain jumbling his words?