A Snowy Little Christmas – MC Daddies Read Online Laylah Roberts

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It’s that time of year again …

Join some of the MC Daddies and their Littles as they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.
There will be some shenanigans, too much food, and maybe even a Foxy Santa delivering gifts under the tree.
Will Brody get coal this year? Will the Fox survive Thanksgiving dinner with Brody’s family? Will Tutu will catch Santa for herself…

This book is not meant to be read as a standalone. It contains some protective Daddy Doms and their sweet, sassy women.

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Fox, Brody, and Autumn

“Watch out, Brody-bear, I’m coming down!”

Brody turned at the bottom of the stairs, alarm filling his face. “Tutu, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to toboggan down the stairs. Since there’s no snow yet, I figured this is the closest I’m going to get to tobogganing.” She was already sitting on the toboggan, which was poised on the edge of the top stair. One hand held the toboggan, while the other one was wrapped around a spindle of the staircase.

“No, no, no, it’s not safe!” Brody cried.

“Pfft! I’m wearing my helmet.” She was quite proud of herself for remembering to put her helmet on. “So my noggin is going to be safe while I ride my toboggan. Oh wow. Listen to me, I could be a poet. Maybe that’s my true calling. I thought it was to be a ballerina or a hairdresser. I mean, it could be if you guys would let me get some practice. You won’t even let me touch your hair.”

“You turned my hair blue!” he protested.

“Yeah, and you looked sick.”

“I looked sick? Did it make me look pale?” he asked. “Do I look sick now? Shoot, if the Fox comes home and sees me looking ill, I’m going to find myself in bed for the next month.”

“No, you don’t look ill, silly. Sick is a word that the kids use nowadays. It means cool.”

“Ahh, Tutu, pretty sure that sick isn’t a word that kids use.”

“Sure it is. You just have to be a cool kid. Like me.” She pointed at herself. Unfortunately, she’d used the hand that had been holding onto stairs. The toboggan wobbled underneath her as she cried out. “Brody!”

“It’s okay! I’m coming. Lean back.”

“I can’t!” she cried as the toboggan started moving down the stairs. Her entire body rattled. It felt like her teeth were going to fall right out of her gums as she flew down the stairs.

“Brody! Get out of the way!”

Brody dove to the side as she reached the bottom, falling off the toboggan onto her side. She rolled onto her back, trying to catch her breath.


Had that really just happened?

“Tutu? Tutu! Are you all right?” Brody’s worried face appeared above her. “Are you hurt? Did you hit your head? Are you bruised?”

She tried to take a deep breath to answer him, but her heart was racing, and she was still slightly winded.

“That was . . . awesome!”

“Awesome? Awesome!” His eyes widened. “It was not awesome, Tutu! You could have been seriously hurt. Oh my God, Papa is going to kill us!”

Poor Brody. He was so stressed that he was regressing.

“He won’t . . . kill us . . . just me . . .”

“Nuh-uh, we’re both dead meat when he gets home. When he’s not here, I’m in charge.” Brody crouched down next to her.

“That’s silly,” she said. “You can’t be in charge of me. We’re a triangle. And you’re a Little too.”

“I’m a Middle. That means I have seniority. Darn it, Tutu. You could have gotten hurt! What were you thinking?”

She tried to sit up. Ouch. She really did hurt all over. Brody helped her sit.

“Tutu, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked. “Do I need to get you to the doctor?”

“How would you do that?”

“I dunno. Maybe I’d drive you.”

“You would? But we’re not allowed to leave the den without permission. And you don’t like to drive.” Brody was usually a rule follower. She tried to follow the rules . . . mostly. She was a good girl, but also, she liked to experiment.

Only, Daddy had told her no experiments when he wasn’t around. Her last experiment had nearly blown up her house.

Mild exaggeration, but otherwise a true story.

But this wasn’t a dangerous experiment . . . well, other than the fact that she could have hit her head and knocked herself out. Or broke something . . . like her neck.

“I’d do it for you.”

“I’m okay, really.” She chewed her lower lip. “Only, Daddy is gonna whip my butt, isn’t he?”

“Oh, yep. He totally is.” Brody sat on the floor and she climbed onto his lap. Ouch, her body was feeling the effects of being bounced around. “But my butt is in trouble too.”

“How come, Brody-bear? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Have you seen the time?” Brody turned his wristwatch around. It was a Spiderman watch, and it was so cool. She had a cherry watch. And both watches told her that it was nearly one in the morning.