A Boy Can Break Your Heart Read Online Skylar M. Cates

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He is beautiful and broken.

Liam loves Trey, despite his flaws. Having met at prep school and bonded over music, Liam struggles to confess his feelings. As adolescents, Liam is too insecure and Trey is too proud. Trey hides his learning disability and family’s drama from Liam, and emotionally raw, they go their separate ways.
Years later, Trey is a troubled rock star, and Liam is a beloved music teacher, but neither can commit to a relationship. When a charity event brings them together, the truth of their past is exposed and the rush of feelings returns. They still want each other, no matter the cost.
But when young hearts are shattered, can they learn to get it right as adults?




Liam let his heavy backpack slide off his shoulder and to the ground with a dull thump. He kicked it to the side before flopping himself down on Trey’s bed. Loosening the knot in his tie, he leaned back against the wall, careful not to catch the corner of a rock poster tacked haphazardly to it.

“The next two months are going to be epic,” Trey said, sitting down at his desk and rifling through a stack of old vinyl records on the shelf. “The summer concert, the end of the year dance, and then… sweet freedom. I’m getting out of this place, and I’m going to spend my summer watching half-naked girls tanning on the beaches of Morocco. My mother just called today with the news.”

“Yeah, that’s great,” Liam agreed, not really meaning it. He hated summer. It was too hot, and he actually liked school. He was lucky enough to be enrolled at Kingston Academy, one of the top boarding schools in the country. Without classes, there wasn’t much chance for him to play violin. Summer was for working, usually at some lousy fast food place, and worse than all of that, Trey always left.

Trey held up a handful of records, so Liam could see the covers. “Which one?” he asked. Partly due to the amazing covers, they both loved records over modern ways of listening to music.

“That one,” Liam said, pointing to the Strokes, knowing it was Trey’s favorite.

“Great choice, and it sounds so great on vinyl,” Trey said, proudly. He put the rest of the records back on the shelf. Before Trey had a chance to adjust the record, David Thomlinson and Jason Wallace came toward Trey’s room, their donkey-like laughter rolling through the open door.

Liam tried not to cringe as they neared, hoping they wouldn’t notice him there. The last thing he needed was to remind them that he and Trey were friends. His heart still stung with what he’d overheard the day before.

David and Jason had been walking toward McLeod Hall and hadn’t noticed Liam walking behind them. Liam’s ears had perked up hearing his name.

“I don’t understand why Trey bothers to hang out with Liam Montgomery,” Jason had said. “Liam’s such a tool and everyone knows he’s a complete charity case. His dad’s a fucking mechanic.”

“Yeah, I know. I heard the only reason he got in here was because his aunt works on the board and she pulled strings to get him funding. If I were Trey, I’d be embarrassed to be seen hanging around with him.”

Liam had hung back, ducking sideways and taking a different route to his next class. He knew he was a charity case, but still, it hurt to hear the other guys in his class talking about it. Once or twice, he’d even wondered the same thing about Trey. Trey was so perfect. Perfect skin, perfect blue eyes, and a smooth voice that could make any girl melt. Even his spiky hair, which Liam knew would look silly on his own head, gave Trey a fierce sort of beauty. If there was anyone who could be said to have it all, it was Trey.

It went beyond his good looks. As the son of the president and CEO of a major tech company, he and his mom flew all over the world. He was incredibly talented, too. It had been so much simpler when they were younger. An easy friendship had begun and had continued, until recently when doubts began to creep in.

What did Liam bring to the table? Not a whole lot.

Liam’s head snapped to the side when Jason knocked on the open door.

“Hey, man,” Jason said, leaning against the frame.

Trey turned toward Jason, but his gaze was still fixed on the record player as he answered him.

“Hey,” he replied, sounding disinterested.

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Nothing. Just hanging out.”

Jason noticed Liam sitting on Trey’s bed. He glared at him, the corner of his mouth lifting in an unattractive sneer. “With him?” he scoffed. “We’re heading to the cafeteria if you wanted to come.” “No thanks,” Trey said, finally looking up from the record player. “We’re kinda busy.”