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Still in Love

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Ella Goode

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Abigail Weathers loves her husband so much that she’s kept something hidden for years—contact with her troublesome brother. Her brother has been an albatross around her neck for years but he’s her only living kin and every time he contacts her for money, she gives it. Only this time she has to pawn something very dear to her heart and she’s worried that it’ll cost her the one thing she loves—her husband.

Constantine Weathers loves his wife so much that he’s kept something hidden for years—paying his brother-in-law to stay away. Every visit from this scheming cheat has brought Abigail pain so Con has paid the man to stay away. Only this time, he’s worried it’ll cost him the one thing he loves—his wife.

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Ella Goode

Chapter 1


“Kale Blank is having a fundraiser for an underprivileged dance troupe and would like us to actually attend rather than merely send a check, and when he says he wants us to come, he means you.”

My wife, Abigail, doesn’t respond. She’s staring out at the garden intently. When I look, though, I see nothing out of the ordinary. The grass is finely trimmed. The rose bushes are about to bloom and the bulbs she planted last month are starting to push out of the dark dirt. I try again.

“I told him that he’d have to pay for your new dress and he said he’d send one over which I’ll have to burn.” As if I’d ever let her wear a thing some other man has purchased. Still no response. “I thought I’d have Sidney run over a few animals as he drives me downtown to my office.”

“Sure, dear.”

Heath told me my marriage was in trouble but I brushed it off because I knew he was projecting. He was the one who bought his bride who wanted to leave him to start a new life. Abigail and I are in love and have been since high school. She moved to the city when she was a freshman after her mom got a big time promotion with an international bank. Even at fourteen, she sparkled like a diamond in a sea of coal. Every guy in school wanted her, but she picked me. Maybe it was that I got to her first. There was a stampede to her table at lunch the first day and some assholes were slow. Not seeing how that was my fault. I wifed her as soon as she was done with college and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. There’s a small flaw, a tiny, infinitesimal crack in our perfect world. Abigail wants a baby and so far we haven’t had much luck. It doesn’t bother me much, but I think Abigail dwells on it. Maybe that’s what she’s thinking about so hard this morning.

I reach over and direct her face around with a finger under her chin until her gaze lands on me instead of the outdoor scene. “Babe?”

“Yes? Did you say something?” Her eyes come into focus.

“That I love you and you look gorgeous this morning.”

She tries to duck her head but my finger stops her.

“I haven’t even showered.”

“I know.” I grin wickedly. Her hair is a mess and she has a nice love bruise on her shoulder. When I lean in to nuzzle her neck, I can smell myself on her skin. My dick rises in response. She tilts her neck to the side and it’s an invitation I don’t pass up. I latch on to the fluttering pulse at the base, alternating nips and soothing licks. Meanwhile, my hand delves beneath her robe to find her steamy, succulent pussy. I slide two fingers in, enjoying the wet sucking noises her cunt makes as I lightly finger-fuck her. She’s always so tight and hot. If I allowed myself, if I had slightly less control, I’d probably come in my pants just from the feel of her narrow cunt hugging my fingers. It’s only been an hour or so since I had her on her knees and was shafting her hard from behind while her tits hung like succulent fruits on a branch. It’s always such a turn-on to watch her body shift and move and shake as I fuck her. Watching her in the mirror or even just looking down and seeing my cock shuttle in and out her small hole sends me over the edge. I find the small spot of skin at the front and start to stroke that with intent. She moans and parts her legs even wider.

“That’s right. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

She makes some incoherent noise so I add another finger. She starts to ride my hand, undulating her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. “There you go, baby, take what you need.”

A distant buzz rings in my ears but I ignore it. My darling is on her way to a wet, juicy orgasm. Once she creams on my hand, I’m going to lift her onto the table between the juice glasses and the bowls of berries and eat her out. Maybe I’ll pour some honey on her cunt and lick it off. My cock jumps in excitement at the thought. Cream and honey. There’s no better combination to have this bright sunny morning.

The buzzing sounds again and Abigail stops moving.

“No,” I order, but she doesn’t listen to me. Instead, she picks up the phone and groans.

“I’m sorry.”

I sigh and pull back. “You serious?” She wriggles slightly, trying to dislodge me. “I can be quick,” I vow.

“No, you can’t.” She reaches between her legs and tugs at my wrist. Reluctantly, I pull out. “One thing will lead to another and you’ll be cancelling your meetings and Orchard will be sending me a million texts wondering where I am.” Her phone buzzes on cue. “See?” She sends me a speaking look.

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