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Rival Pet - His Pet

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Jamie Knight

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DAN: She may be my rival. But she seems to want to be more. After months of not being able to find a new girlfriend, The lawyer at a competing law firm catches my eye.
But Gemma acts like she can barely stand the sight of me. I think the fire in her eyes holds something besides hate: passion. All I need is an inroad- something she needs me for. And it just so happens that Gemma’s firm is in financial trouble.
She’s as desperate for money as I am for a girlfriend. Luckily, I have just the contract to suit both our needs. The deal is simple: a few months of being with me. No feelings involved, no long-term commitments.
And at the end we can both just walk away. Can I convince her to take me up on my generous offer? Or is she the one who will take control of my heart?

GEMMA: Dan thinks he has the upper hand. But I’ll show him I’m not under his power. Right? I’m a self-made woman. I don’t need a man to save me. And I’m sure as hell not going to let one control me. Samuels and Samuels was my mother’s best achievement.
I’m not letting this small firm crash now that she’s gone. I just need to keep things afloat until I pass the Bar and take over. Unfortunately, in the meantime, a big, rival firm is up to no good. Davies & Sons law firm is stealing all my clients and employees.
Then Daniel Davies walks his cocky, attractive self into my office. He needs my help, but I’m about to tell him where to go. Except I can’t help thinking that he should be with me. But I tell myself he’s just another player who isn’t worth my time. Rich and handsome, Dan gets everything he wants.
Well, that is, until he wants me. He even writes up a cute little contract. I shouldn’t take the deal. My mom said never to trust any man. But I need the money, and he’s so hot. I’d have no objection to letting him take my heart.
As long as we keep this just business, I should be fine. But will he be able to convince me to fall in love?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One


I take a deep breath, realizing that I have the corner of my silk blouse wound around my fingertips so tight it is almost tied in a knot. Anxiety literally has me at the edge of my seat. I need to calm down.

Fixing the headset I wear at the office, I straighten my shoulders. I can do this.

Anna, the secretary at a reputable hedge fund, has just patched me through to the CEO’s office. Peter has been the top client for our little law firm for the past five years. Now, it is likely he is going to leave. I desperately need that not to happen.

Anna doesn’t keep me waiting long, but the hold gives me a little extra time to get my thoughts together. I’ve been making a lot of these calls to clients lately — too many really.

Ever since I have taken over the law firm, things have not been going so well. Double S was always a little rocky when my mom was running it, but she kept us afloat. She wanted me to be her partner, then take over, but her unexpected heart attack brought that on sooner than I was anticipating. She’s gone. I’m not even a lawyer yet — almost, still in school and so close to taking the bar — but I need a little more time. The thing is most clients don’t want to wait.


“Hi, Peter. It’s Gemma Samuels from Samuels & Samuels Law.”

“Yes, Gemma, I know who you are.”

“Of course, of course.”

I’m already flustered, which isn’t good. It’s not like Peter is acting mean or anything. He does know me.

When Mom was still alive, I did some work for her preparing briefs and other legal aid stuff. She had quite a few employees, actually, but now it’s down to me and Angela, the legal aid. Angie is always hanging out in the back. She says she’s writing briefs, but I don’t know if I believe her. Either way, it feels like I’m doing all of the work around here.

I release the silk wadded up in my palm. “Um, I’m calling because I got your message. I know a lot of things are changing at the firm, and because of that, certain services have been halted, but I want to reassure you that everything will be up and running like it used to in just a little while.”

There’s silence on the other end, which is never a good sign. After making a bunch of these calls, I’ve picked up on the bad signs.

“Gemma,” the CEO sighs. “I worked with your mother for a long time and always loved her way of doing things. I am truly sorry for your loss. However, given the current circumstances, it makes the most sense to find a new lawyer. If we could hold out a little longer, I’d definitely consider staying with you, but we’re small ourselves, and I need to keep things moving on our end.”

I try to not let my shoulders drop, but they do. Peter is just another no in a long line of dismissals. Double S is sinking fast. At this rate, I won’t even have the funds to stay open until I pass the Bar.

“Of course, Peter. I understand. Thanks, and good luck with everything.”

I let him say goodbye before hanging up. I cannot begin to put into words how devastated I am. I can’t blame my mom’s former clients for abandoning ship. We’re not even a functioning law firm at this point. I was hoping the goodwill the firm had fostered throughout the years would mean something, but when it comes to the bottom line, it will all be thrown out the window.

Leaning back in my chair, I clench my hands to my head in frustration. I’ve already been through too many companies in our Rolodex. There was still a whole bunch more to call. I know there’s an end to the list, but that isn’t comforting because when I reach the end, there’s really nowhere else for me to go.

I wish I could get Angela to make these calls. The former beauty queen is always talking about how much she likes to be on the phone, and she’s often doing something on her cell. I’d rather be in the courtroom, getting my hands dirty. It’s the whole reason I got into law. I mean, part of it was the fact that my mom was a lawyer. Watching her enjoy helping people so much made me want to pursue law for myself. But the real driving force, what made me stay was the act of practicing law. Some people would say it’s boring, and it is for some, but for me, becoming a lawyer is everything.

The reason I haven’t given Angela the task of calling our clients is because I’m worried she won’t provide the calls the needed enthusiasm. The girl isn’t a legal aid because she has a passion for law, that much I can tell.