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Possessive Neighbor

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Flora Ferrari

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Fox Silverman:
At forty, I’ve got it all. The life everyone thinks they want. But I feel like the poorest man alive when I roll over and see that empty space in my bed. When I walk past the purpose-built rooms I designed and even picked the damned colors for.
For our children. For her. For our family.
Who is she? Where is she? I’ve nearly given up all hope until I see the outline of her curves through my front door. Could it be? It is.
An older man with a younger woman is almost expected at my age, but this is different. I can feel it. As soon as I see those curves I know she really is the one.

The new house at the end of the street is finally finished, but who would live there? It’s like a palace. They must have a ton of kids, with all that room in the yard, plus the park right next door…
My dad, my adoptive dad. He’s on another cruise with my step-mom, giving me the friendly reminder that it’s time to leave the nest now that college is all finished.
“…think about what you can do, what you’re good at. Find that job, then we’ll help you get set up in a place of your own…”
I only ever babysat for the neighbors, and figure the new ones must have kids. If I’m to make any sort of living, any kind of future for myself, there’s no time like the present so here goes nothing…
Once I see him though, once that door opens, I know another door has closed forever. The life I just left behind.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One

Fox Silverman

The house I always wanted. One of them anyway, I have so many now I’ve almost lost count.


“You gotta spend on something, otherwise it’s all dead in taxes…” my accountants keep telling me, the whole more-more-more side of business and finance has brought it all to me.

Fox Silverman and Associates, even though it was just me originally. It started as a bit of a joke after college, but everything I touched on the stock market bloomed. I made myself and loads of other people a lot of money, setting up what’s now a global network of brokers and businesses.

But today there’s something obvious missing.

Obvious to me.

Something that doesn’t curl up to me in the night and touch me gently, telling me what I need to hear.

Something that I can surprise, take places, spoil with gifts and pleasure for days on end.

Something, or someone?

The one.

Whoever she is. I know she’s out there somewhere. They say there’s somebody for everybody. Me? I’ve been a fucking hermit for nearly twenty years, building a fortune, creating the life everybody thinks they want.

But I feel like the poorest man alive when I roll over and see that empty space in my bed. When I walk past the purpose built rooms I designed and even picked the damned colors for.

For our children.

For her.

For our family.

There’s no boxes to unpack, it’s all been done. I bought everything new and had ‘people’ do it all, install it all, clean it all. They take the trash away and I’m left with another fine example of prime real estate.

The house of my dreams…

But it’s an empty dream.

Hearing the front door just as I finish a quick workout in my new gym, I make my way into the marble floored hallway wearing only my track pants, catching sight of her through the one way glass on either side of the huge entranceway.

My heart stops, then gushes with a new, primal beat.

I can feel her as I stand there, stunned. Feeling her own hesitation on the other side of the door as my eyes trace over the curves of her body.

My big mitt gripping the door handle tight until my knuckles are white. The bell rings a second time and I stammer a cough, trying to get some moisture into my mouth. My heart pounding against my ribs like I’ve just run a marathon.

I’m shaking as I open the door. I just know that whoever’s on the other side is going to change my life forever. And I’m not wrong.

I feel the shift in an instant, as soon as our eyes lock, I know I’ve found her. Before I even retrace those stunning curves, I already know from looking into her clear blue eyes that she’s mine.

Better than any business deal or stock option that’s made me rich, I just know she’s the one. I’m a man who knows what he wants and I want what I see immediately.

She’s got her natural blond hair tied back in a ponytail which swishes as her head moves, even slightly.

Her white college sweater, embroidered with the emblem and her final year, which has only just passed, letting me know she’s certainly young but a legal adult now.

She’s in denim and white flats, her jeans giving a clear definition of what I’m instantly drawn to after her soulful eyes.

Those hold me fuck me curves. Hips I instantly want to grip and a chest I want to bury my face in for a year. Without even seeing her from behind yet, I know her ass will be the finest, to match the rest of this perfect angel.

A gift, and surely a sign that this house I’ve built is for two after all.

Her shining red lips have a natural pout, her eyes have a flare of uncertainty in them. But it’s not fear.

It’s the same flash of discovery I know mine must be broadcasting, followed closely by that uncontrollable reflex. The dilated pupils, the shuddering inhalation and the stiffening of both our bodies in response to animal instinct.

To the sensation of our instant and mutual arousal.

She bites her bottom lip, almost crossing her thick legs as she squeezes them together, glancing down. In a second I can feel that my dick has more than shifted, it’s sprung to life, giving me an awkward semi hard on right in front of this stunning stranger.

But instead of looking away, pretending not to notice or even turning to leave, she’s transfixed by the sight. As much as I am by her.

It feels more like a homecoming than an introduction, like she’s been gone twenty years and has finally come home. But my business mind overrides my body, eventually and I introduce myself.

“I’m Fox,” is all I can manage, instinctively holding the door open wider, standing behind it a little in a feeble attempt to disguise my own growing arousal.