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Possessive Camp Counselor

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Flora Ferrari

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Beaver Pines. It was my first camp, my first big trip away from home and my first major crush.
I was a teen when I first went there and once college is done, I don’t hear a gap year in Europe calling, I can’t afford that. I want to make a difference, I want to give something back.
But most of all, I want to relive the dreamy crush I had on that counselor, what was his name again? I pretend to myself. As if I’ve forgotten. Sean…
I’ve got a ton of bad memories from my life, but Sean, my camp crush, is my favorite happy memory. And what better way to relive that feeling than by registering as a camp counselor myself? All the way back up at Beaver Pines.
There’ll be a few days induction, an orientation of the camp and procedure before any campers arrive… “you’ll have the whole place to yourselves…”
The recruiter tells me. Me and I wonder who else?

I could sense her long before I saw her, and I nearly plow right into her. A sure sign of things to come. Once I catch sight of those curves. Her hips and that rear end of hers, I’ve got a lot of plowing in mind.
There are rules at Beaver Pines, but some rules were made to be broken. Like never falling for your fellow counselors.
Even if I’m an older guy and she’s a younger woman, we’re the only two here, so who’s gonna tell?
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


The recruiting interviewer’s words echo through my mind as I make my way up to the camp grounds.

“It’s great to see you again, Tessa. We could always use someone so… well. It’s always nice to have someone who understands the needs of our… bigger attendees… Kids can be so cruel, y’know?”

I swallowed a croak at the time, thinking all that crap was behind me in life, but she’s got a point. I do know what it’s like to be a little heavier than most and spending my first summer after college as a counselor is all about making a difference.

I just didn’t expect to hear it put so bluntly.

“There’ll be a few days induction, an orientation of the camp and procedure before any campers arrive… you’ll have the whole place to yourselves…”

Gripping the wheel of my purple Volkswagen bug a little harder as I turn on the not so familiar bend to the camp gates, I bite down on the memory. Fuck her, I’m here for me and for those kids to have a great time.

Heavy or not, here I come.

The trees look taller and the track a little narrower, but the Beaver Pines campgrounds swells into view as I reach the crest of a shallow rise and I’m transported back.

My clearest memory is of one of the counselors. I had a huge crush on him. Sean, I never knew his last name, just always remember the red embroidery on his khaki shirt with his name.

And his shorts. Sean in his shorts with his tanned, muscular legs and that huge…


I swerve to stay on the track, narrowly missing the soft edge which sinks down into a wide ditch on either side.

My heart’s pounding against my ribs and I can taste the dust in my mouth. The buzz of insects from the woods fill the air, along with the heat of midday.

But it’s not nearly running off the road, it’s not the weather or the bugs that have me wound up, swimming in my panties.

It’s Sean.

The memory of him having changed now that I see it with the eyes of a young woman is so clear, so fresh. It’s like I’m reliving every fantasy I had all over again. I’m hardly one for erotic daydreams when driving, but there’s definitely something in the air here. I can feel it. It's like the closer I get to the camp, the stronger the memory of him is.

The only sharp bend in the track curves round and I hear the skid of the gravel behind me as I instinctively hit the brakes, almost running off the track for the second time in as many minutes.

There’s a black truck coming the other way, taking up more track than there is to share and instead of swerving. I freeze up and hit the brakes. The other driver swerves and misses me by an inch and I watch the red of the brake lights through the dust in my rear view as the driver gets out.

As if summoned from my fantasy into reality, I can see the tall, dark and very muscular frame of a man. The dust is like powder, making him look like the perfect man, hewn from solid rock making his way out of the chaos of his own creation.

I feel my jaw drop, a low moan escaping me as I realize it’s him. It’s really him.

It’s Sean.

His dark, full hair sways as he walks, with his tanned muscular legs flexing with each step of his heavy suede boots. The khaki shirt is a singlet today, and I can see at once that Sean has been working out, or has developed the magic power of being god’s gift to women, or both.

I whimper in disbelief as I watch him approach my car, the sun in his hair, his chest and shoulders tensing and flexing making my wetness tense and flex on its own.

Before he reaches the rear of my bug, he stops, peers at me and then grimaces. I think for a moment he’s mad, but he lifts his head and flares his nostrils before making a low growling sound which goes straight to my center. I gasp aloud again and bite my lip, wringing my hands over my lap as I try to contain the incredible feeling washing over me.

Washing right through me. I’m glad I’m sitting down right now, I don’t think I’d be able to stand.

In three striding steps he’s at the window of my car with his hands on his hips. My head turns but I can’t quite lift it up just yet. I’m stuck on the bulge in his pants, which draws a sound of disbelief from me before I can finally look up at his face.

His lips curl in a satisfied look as he slowly starts to nod his head. His eyes flash with recognition but also something else. That something that’s making his pants bulge just that little bit more.