And then slowly, even that crumbles, until the three of us are writhing and rutting together in a haze of pure bliss and pleasure. At some point, I scream as the orgasm I never saw coming explodes through me. They make me come again barely a minute later, their mouths and hands and gorgeous big cocks driving me absolutely insane as I scream for more.

We keep going, grinding and thrusting and panting all together until I start to feel their huge cocks swell even bigger inside of me, and I know they’re about to come. I crush my mouth to Gavin’s, our tongues swirling as they roll their hips and fill me up over and over and over again, pushing me higher and higher towards one more huge orgasm.

I twist my head, gasping as I pull away from Gavin to sear my lips to Ben. His tongue dances with mine, and I moan into his mouth as his brother’s lips find my neck, panting into my skin as he grips me tight. Gavin roars, pounding into me hard and fast and deep as we all three begin to tumble towards that release.

Ben roars, his muscles flexing hard against me, his grip on my ass tight as he thrusts up into me wildly. His heavy, cum-filled balls slap against me, and his huge cock sinks to the hilt in my naughty ass over and over. My whole body tightens, my toes curl, and my heart skips as the wave crests right over me.

“Come for us, baby,” Gavin hisses into my ear. “Be a good little dirty girl and come on these two big fat cocks filling both your naughty little slutty holes.”

Yeah, that’s it. I convulse, shuddering and shaking as the huge orgasm crashes over me like a tidal wave. I moan into Ben’s mouth, panting and gasping for air as the two of them thrust deeply into me, and suddenly, they’re falling over that edge with me. Both of them go off at the exact same time, and I literally tumble right into another orgasm at the feel of both of them pulsing and throbbing at the same time. Ben roars, and I whimper at the feel of the thick, hot torrents of cum pumping deep in my ass.

Gavin hisses, grinding all nine inches of his huge cock deep inside of my pussy as his balls jump. I cry out as I feel his warm cum flooding into me, absolutely filling me with his sticky seed as the orgasm detonates through me.

The rest of the world fades away, until it’s just me, Ben, and Gavin, lying still, panting and gasping for air. The two of them kiss me slowly and deeply, one and then the other, still buried to the hilt inside of me as they hold me tight.

“At some point,” Gavin groans. “We do need to put clothes on.”

I pout. “Do we have to?”

Ben shrugs. “Fuck it, I say we show up to dinner au natural.” He frowns almost instantly. “Well, no, you’re putting something on at least.”

I giggle. We’re actually pushing it on time to go over to Phoebe, Clay, and Eamon’s place for dinner.

“Just me?” I turn and stick my tongue out at him.

“Yup,” Gavin growls. “This?” he wags his eyes over my nudity, and I blush.

“Yeah, that’s just for our eyes, not Eamon and Clay.”

I laugh, since this whole conversation is absurd since we’re obviously not going over to our friends’ house naked.

“What sort of double standards shit is that?” I laugh. “Like I’m going to let Phoebe get a look at all of this,” I purr, running my hands over both of them. “Hell no.”

They chuckle, leaning in to kiss me slowly.

“Well, we should probably grab that shower and get dressed then,” Ben murmurs.

“Well we’d better hurry then,” I purr, my pulse already quickening again.

“Oh,” Gavin chuckles in amusement. “And why’s that?”

“Because,” I shrug matter-of-factly before I grin hungrily. “Because I want you both again before we go over to dinner.”

The guys growl, and I gasp as their still very hard cocks twitch inside of me.

“I think we’ve created a monster,” Gavin grins.

“No complaints here,” Ben chuckles, kissing my neck.

“None here either,” Gavin murmurs against my lips.

“So, baby,” Ben growls darkly into my ear, adding that little edge to it that he knows makes me wild.

“Are you going to be a good girl and come for us again, or do we need to take turns spanking that naughty ass until you do?”

“Yes,” I breathe, panting. “And also, yes?”

They grin, moving in to kiss me, and I moan as I feel them start to move again.

Great friends, a job I love, and two gorgeous, amazing men who I’m crazy about and who love me with everything they have? Yeah, life is pretty damn good, and I know all three of us are going to hang onto it with everything we have.

* * *

The End.

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