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Her Innocent CEO

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Flora Ferrari

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I’ve watched her from a distance. Felt the things she does to me, imagined the things I’d do to her. But today’s the day. I’ve made up my mind.
I have to tell her, I have to make her mine. Slight problem.
My building’s being swarmed by the feds. I know it’s a setup, I’ve seen this coming for weeks, my own firm partner finally driving in the last nail as he tries to overthrow me.
Do I stand and fight for my innocence, or do I go to her, staking my claim over hers?

Maddox Mapleton. I could sit and stare at him all day… in fact, I pretty much do. He’s my screen saver, his portrait’s in the foyer. He’s on the news, a lot… And he’s always on my mind.
I’ll probably never even meet him, let alone fulfill my older guy, younger curvy gal fantasy, but who cares? It’s not work if I’m getting paid for it and I get to feel his eyes on me all day.
I wonder what would happen, just say… if something happened so that our paths crossed. If he came down from the top floor… all the way down here to floor fifteen… Right here to my desk. In the flesh.
*Her Innocent CEO is an insta-everything OTT, crazy standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


There’s no time.

I knew I’d been double-crossed, set up. Weeks ago. No surprises there, but why this day. Why now?

It’s late morning on a Wednesday at Hunter-Mapleton Legal, as I watch the CCTV from my laptop as the building I oversee, the whole firm is overcome by an unavoidable attack.

The feds are clambering their way up fire escapes in tenements across the street, swarming stairwells in my building and no doubt, working their way through the roof and basement parking lot.

A dull thud outside from helicopter rotors cuts through the three inch glass of my office suites… soundproof.


There’s no escape for me.

Or is there?

I’ve been watching her… before any of this even started.

Day after day, whenever I get a spare minute or two, I watch her.

Her long blond hair tied back in a tight bun. Her snow white blouses I’m sure she picks just to tease me, letting me see the outline of her ample chest and those pebbled nipples stiffening once I turn up the A/C on her floor, once she starts to trace her finger over my face on her own screen.

But it’s her curves I can never see enough of. Her thick thighs, child bearing hips I’ve vowed to grip as I fill her with our babies, and that ass. Oh my god, that ass that I know is just fucking perfect.

Behind that huge wall of the reception counter I can only see so much. It’s when she stands up or even better, drops her pen… those for me are the money shots.

I’ve seen the most beautiful thing and longed for it, waiting for my own moment to seize it.

To stake my claim and then claim her properly.

She’s secretary to some nobody on floor fifteen. But she’s not just a nobody. No.

I’ve watched her watching me, and I have to say it’s made me so damned hard I’ve literally come in my pants on several occasions just watching her, thinking about her thinking about me.

I know the look.

I see it in my own reflection staring back from the screen.


Need for her.

My damned picture’s plastered all over this building, the whole firm is a walking ad for Maddox Mapleton. Or is it the other way around?

But I can’t keep doing this, I won’t. Today is the day I’ve chosen to go down there and lay it all on the line.

No more games. I won’t spend another drop until I’m deep inside her.

She’s the one, I know it. And now’s my chance, my only chance to find out.

Trouble is I hadn’t counted on a federal raid right when I was about to blow my load for one, and go down and tell her just how I feel either.

Jasmine Tate.

I’ve looked at her employee profile just as much as I’ve studied her, but I’ve only ever seen her in person a couple of times.

In the elevator. I sometimes put on coveralls and a low truckers cap and pretend to be a janitor, just to listen in on what the staff is saying, but mostly to get close to what I want.

I’ve had to bite my knuckles to stop from crying out, to stop from reaching over and touching her.

It’s kind of fitting in a way that today’s unwanted invasion should spur me on to finally tell her how I feel. She’s also my only way out of here… somehow.

I don’t know exactly how just yet, but something in my heart tells me she’s the answer to more than just one of my problems in this life.

Being alone, needing someone the most obvious one.

Having her help me get clear of the building undetected maybe not so obvious. And maybe not so simple either.

The place is well and truly surrounded.

Groaning as I stand suddenly, I feel my thousand dollar pants catch on my satin boxers, straining against my hardness for her.

Keeping one eye on her on the screen, my other scans the doorway while I open my safe, absently stuffing stacks of cash into my jacket pockets.

I’ll need some time to prove my innocence. But it’s impossible to have those days clear if I’m in the custody of our federal friends and even more so if I don’t have any walking around money.

I’ll also need some time with Jasmine, lord only knows how long that will take, but today’s the day.

A promise is a promise and I always keep my word, even to myself.

The silent, private alarm from security starts to flash red in the ceiling.

Too little too late, but thanks guys you’ve done your job.

I emptied my physical files weeks ago, the digital ones only last night.

I don’t know the charges yet, but they must be something special if they’ve sent half the state’s agents to arrest me.

They are after all, only doing their jobs… acting on the wrong information from the man who’s trying to save his own neck after putting mine on the block.