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Guarding Forever

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C.M. Steele

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***This is the second book following Gage and Hope.***

With their second child on the way, Hope and Gage felt like life was almost perfect. The cattle ranch became profitable after its first year, and his employees were happy. All they needed was to get Baxter Cummings’s trial over. As the days moved closer to the actual trial date, the case began to unravel. With that went their safety and sanity.

Willing to do anything to protect his family, Gage employed even more guards, but would it be enough? Could they survive Cummings's deadly intentions? Or would they lose their forever?
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C.M. Steele

Chapter 1

“Alfonzo, she’s worth the ten million,” Baxter Cummings’s voice purred dangerously. The sound buzzed in Hope’s ears as she eavesdropped from the hidden passage that connected her father’s office to the stairway. She mentally prayed that he’d say “hell, no” especially at that price, but who really knew criminals?

After taking a drink from his glass, the buyer answered, “I’ll take her.”

“No!” Hope shouted from her hiding space as fear shot up her spine. She clasped her hand to her mouth, but she’d been too late. The men turned to the sound, their eyes trained on the tiny crack in the hidden wall panel. She was busted.

Hope spun around and attempted to leave through the other door before they could find her, but when she pushed on the handle to her only escape, it wouldn’t budge. I can’t get out! Panic set in as they quickly opened the hidden panel. She continued to tug violently on the handle as the entrance behind her opened up. Her father grabbed her around the arm, dragging her out of the room. She clawed at the floor, looking for purchase, but he was too strong for her. She gave her best fight, banging on his chest, but he trapped her arms. “No! You can’t! I love Gage. Let me go!”

“Hope, Hope. Babe. Hope, wake up.” Gage’s voice finally pierced her dreamlike state. Holding her close to his chest, he whispered, “I’m here. I’m here. No one is taking you from me.” Before her brain could process his words, she elbowed him in the gut. Moments passed before she finally realized where she was and what she had done.

“Oh my goodness, Gage. I’m sorry. Are you okay?” She broke down, shaking and sobbing against Gage’s shoulder. “I love you so much. I’d never intentionally do that.”

The day they had that conversation had only been a little over a year ago, but it would be forever etched in her mind. Her father had tried to sell her off to be a mistress. Of course it hadn’t ended the way her dream did, but it could have if she hadn’t escaped. Just the nightmare of her past sent her into a fresh stream of tears. Soon, she’d have to face her father in court for his trial and was certain that it would trigger more bad dreams.

“I know. I know. I’ve got you, Hope. I’ll always protect you.” He placed a kiss on her head, holding her close. Slowly the tension left her body, but a rising sexual tension grew in his. Having her supple warmth against him sent sleep from his mind and filled it with desire. He wondered if she’d started to fall asleep, so he gently pulled her away from his chest enough to see if she was still awake. “How are you feeling now? Ready for bed?” As he asked, he took in the striking beauty that she was. Even with her sultry red hair messy and wavy from sleep and her flushed cheeks, she looked like a siren beckoning him.

“Not yet.” She looked into his eyes, seeing the same recognition. It was the peak of summer, so they were both barely clothed. Her large, soft breasts covered by a thin nightie pressed against his bare chest, taking her out of the sudden panic and into a much different, friendlier mood. Searching for security, Hope parted her lips, moaning as she slid her hand into his thick brown hair and then brushed her mouth against his jaw, skimming her way to his lips. He slipped his tongue inside, entangling with hers until she rolled her hips over his shaft.

A low rumble in his chest marked the night air before he flipped her onto her back and slid her light nightgown off. He draped kisses over her lips, skimming his mouth down her body until he captured her pert nipple, sucking like his hungry baby who was sleeping in the other room.

Unable to contain her moans, she cried out, “Gage.” The sound of his name off her lips added pure, hot lust through him. It had been that way since she first came in his arms. He grabbed her hip and dragged her down to the center of the bed.

“Wife,” he growled out, slipping his boxers down, freeing his stiff cock.

“I need you, Gage.”

He dipped his fingers into her, testing how ready she was. A smile crept over his face as he lifted his soaked fingers to his mouth, tasting her heat. “I know.”

He lined up his cock with Hope’s entrance, rubbing it over her slit, grazing her bundle of nerves. She arched up with her eyes doing the pleading for more. With his hands flat on the mattress, he drove in with his thick shaft.

“I love you, Gage.”

“I love you.” He rocked his hips, sending their heavy bed off its feet and his dick deep inside Hope. “I’d move mountains for you.”