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(Makes My Heart Race #1) Furry Face

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Penny’s used to douchebags in three-piece suits with trust funds.
But the moment I see her at the bar, sipping her dirty martini, I know she’s thirsty for something else. A real man like me. She says I’m not her type… but that’s because she’s never been with a furry-faced man. It’s time I rock this curvy sweetheart’s world.
But I’m more than a pretty (bearded) face… I have dreams — big ones that take place on the open sea. I plan on boarding my boat and never looking back. And I need Penny by my side. She’s the one I want to drop anchor with.
Trouble is, she’s scared of leaving her life behind.
Can I convince her it’s high time we sail off into the sunset?
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Makes My Heart Race Series by Frankie Love

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Frankie Love

Chapter 1


Some days are hard, but this isn’t one of them. I’ve just dropped anchor at the Elliot Bay Marina in Seattle and am ready for a few days in the city before heading back to the open sea.

The sun is out, summer is here, and I’m planning on enjoying it. Especially after being alone for the last few weeks on the sailboat. When I planned my trip around the world, I knew I’d get lonely, but I think I underestimated just how isolated I would be.

Which is why I am going to enjoy this weekend in the city. Get some food that’s fancier than what I can stow in my cabin, and get a beer on tap instead of in a can.

I leave the marina with a goddamn grin on my face, that is until I hear my phone buzzing in my jeans pocket. I pull it out and see it’s my sister. I answer, even though I’m sure she’s ready to give me an earful. God knows I love her, but she is wound up real tight.

“What’s up, Claire?” I ask, slowing my pace and taking in the view. There’s a hotel with an outdoor bar close by and I head in that direction.

“Just making sure you are still going to be here in time. The wedding party will be here on Wednesday and—”

“I know,” I say, chuckling. “I plan on arriving at Friday Harbor by Tuesday. You’ll be happy to know I’m in Seattle right now. Only a handful of hours away.”

“You are?” I can imagine her shoulders relaxing at this. She’s been planning her wedding for the last year and has every detail sorted. Me arriving on time is critical. “Oh thank goodness, Paxton. I know you rerouted your course for me, and it means so much. I couldn’t imagine getting married without you walking me down the aisle.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“I wish you were coming with a date,” she says.

I run a hand over my beard. “Yeah? Well that’s not going to happen.”

“Maybe if you shaved your beard and put on a pair of slacks you could find someone to settle down with.”

“How could I settle down when I live on a boat?” I ask, shaking my head. “Besides, this is the Pacific Northwest — every other guy here has one. I don’t think my beard is the issue.”

Claire laughs. “You’re probably right. But I would like to see my big brother happy.”

I look out at the sound, the gentle rolling water, the seagulls flying overhead, the sun just beginning to set over the mountains.

“I promise, I am happier than I’ve ever been,” I tell her. “And nothing’s changing that anytime soon.”


“I just don’t know why you won’t download a dating app and get on with it,” Lucy moans, lifting her cocktail and taking a sip.

“She’s right,” Tori says with a smirk. “The last three guys you went out with screwed you over.”

Lucy laughs. “Except not literally, of course.”

I roll my eyes. “Can we not talk about my lack of a sex life tonight, please?” The waiter stops at the table, delivering another round. I take my extra-dirty martini and offer him a smile. “Thank you, this is perfect.”

“Anything for the boss’s daughter,” he says before walking away.

I take a drink of my martini, wondering if I will ever get away from my family name. Probably not in this city. I’m an Aurora and my father basically owns the entire Seattle waterfront, along with the NFL team, and is so heavily invested in the tech start-ups that I can’t go anywhere without meeting a programmer with a great idea trying to chat me up in hopes of me putting in a good word.

Problem is, I want nothing to do with the family business. My father has held such tight reins on me since my mother passed and I’m tired of it. I love him, but controlling me won’t make losing his wife any easier.

I want to be my own person. Make choices for me and me alone. But it’s the being alone part that I’m tired of. I’m ready for a relationship.

Hence, happy hour with my two best friends, who are trying to help me mix things up. Everyone my dad sets me up with is an asshole in a tailored suit, and those men don’t care about me as a person. They look at me and see a fortune. I want someone to look at me think that I’m the real treasure.