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Dad's EMT Best Friend - A Man Who Knows What He Wants

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Flora Ferrari

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That whole older guy, younger woman thing? That’s just in those stories, something from movies. Right? As soon as I see her though, I know I’m in trouble. A weekend away? Sure, sounds like the perfect holiday romance. But not with her dad there too. He’s also my boss.
I want Bree all to myself, and I’m feeling ultra-possessive at the thought of anyone or anything getting between me and my new girl.
My curvy, fresh home from college girl. But how can I be sure she feels the same way? And what do I do if her dad finds out…
Who are we both kidding? When her dad finds out.

Kit Bannon. The mere mention of the man is making me wet already, I haven’t seen him for years… god, I hope- But it is too late.
He’s already here. And I’m already wet.
As soon as dad moves out of the way, I see him. And I’m definitely coming.
To the Lake house.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“I just got back dad, I’m sure you’d rather spend your weekend off by yourselves. Just a boy’s weekend. Like you always do?”

I literally just walked through the door, back from college for good and dad wants me to go to the lake house with him and Kit for the weekend.

“Well, too late honey,” dad chirps with a sly grin, pecking my cheek as he bustles past, his fly rods and wicker basket scratching the faded hallway wallpaper as he passes me.

“He’s already here!”

The sound of a horn honking in the driveway makes my heart leap. In excitement, then with a tinge of fear.

Kit Bannon. The mere mention of the man is making me wet already, I haven’t seen him for years… god, I hope-

But it is too late.

He’s already here.

And I’m already wet.

Dad’s blocking the front door as he lets Kit in, juggling his gear along with the door handle.

“She’s trying to tell me she doesn’t wanna go now! Have a word with her, will ya, Kit? See if you can change her mind.”

As soon as dad moves out the way, I see him. And I’m definitely coming.

To the lake house.

Kit’s huge frame blocks the sun streaming in from behind him. His V-shaped torso shows through his tight fitting EMT services t-shirt. His biceps are naturally flexing as he holds up his own travel bag. The vein in his neck showing, every muscle in his body flashing itself in the sunlight and shadows.

He’s perfect. And he’s way better looking than the last picture dad sent me, which I have as a screensaver on my phone, when I’m not at home that is.

Crush, much?

I’ve been in love with Kit Bannon since I can remember. Since graduating, I’ve known what those words mean to be felt as a physical need.

A desire.

Kit Bannon is the key to my lock and I know in an instant that I want nobody else in this life. Nobody else will claim me.

But there’s a catch. He’s dad’s best friend and right hand at work, plus he probably doesn’t even know I exist.

I feel my mouth hanging open, with my heart suddenly sounding like a rock beating against what feel like hollow ribs inside me. My mouth goes dry, while the slickness between my legs takes on a new, warmer edge of slipperiness as his steel blue eyes meet mine.

“Bree? Oh my god!” he exclaims, striding into the house, his ankle high boots under his deep blue denim jeans making an even deeper sound on the floorboards in the hallway, sending the vibrations of his body coming towards mine straight up my legs. I feel dizzy for a moment, like I haven’t taken in air, and my eyes can’t focus. Like I’ve caught too much sun.

But it’s just the effect this man has on me.

“When did you get back? My god. You’re all…” he looks stunned for a moment, looking me up and down. Lost for words.

Is he blushing?

“…grown up! C’mere! Give me a hug.”

Before I can think, I’m in his powerful arms, his whole hard body right up against mine as I feel his welcome hug melting into something we both feel that insists on being something more than just friendly.

A small sound escapes me and I hear him sniffing my hair, a gasping groan escapes his own lips and I suddenly feel more than just wet. My pulse has ruptured my brain.

I’ve died and this is what heaven is. An eternity in the arms of Kit Bannon.

It’s clear we both want to keep hugging, and I can even feel something else shifting in front of Kit, but the sound of my dad coming back inside makes him let go of me, making me feel the pain of loss in an instant.

The pain of not being in his arms, but at least I know, I think I know, that we might be more than just friends. Even after all these years.

“Well?” My dad says, clapping Kit’s huge shoulder from behind, “Didya manage to change her mind about coming?” he asks, sounding hopeful, while Kit’s careful not to turn around. I can see the huge bulge forming in the front of his jeans, which catches the last of my shallow breath, leaving me totally useless for anything but staring.

“Oh, I think I can get her to come,” Kit says hungrily, deftly moving his bag to cover himself, as he lets dad pass and putting an arm around my shoulder, which makes me jump, he leans in to whisper the same question in my ear.

“Will you come, Bree? Will you come for me?” I shudder as I feel his lip touch my ear, and I try not to moan out loud, but the sound that escapes me is unmistakable.

“To the lake house, I mean…” Kit adds, almost stammering, using his huge hand to support my waist as he feels me sagging in a near faint.