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Conley - Heartlands Motorcycle Club

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Frankie Love

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When Calico shows up at the Garage with a busted car, I know she's in trouble. Her four-wheel piece-of-shit is filled to the brim with her and her son's belongings. She's running from something. From someone.
She's been through hell, and she's not interested in getting involved with a biker like me.
But she isn't going anywhere. One look at her curves and I know she's mine. I've been celibate for a long-ass time — waiting for a real woman who stirs my heart. It's her I've been waiting for.
Getting involved with the president of a motorcycle club is the last thing this single mom wants. But this isn't any MC. This is the Heartlands.
When I discover her ex is my sworn-enemy, there is nothing stopping me. I'll make him pay, and then I'll make her mine.
Dear Reader,
Conley is a sexy-ass silver-fox and Calico is a sweet-heart who is down on her luck. But once she sees what he's packing, she'll be begging to get down on her knees. There's a twenty-five year difference between these two — but age is just a number. True love conquers all in the Heartlands. I promise.
***The alpha males of Heartlands Motorcycle Club are the most possessive, devoted, and territorial men in the country when it comes to the ones they love. Heartlands is a rough and rugged new series of standalone stories. Written by four of the most trusted names in short and steamy romance, each book will get your motors revved and your hearts racing. Guaranteed.
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Frankie Love

Chapter One


The whole club is torn up — and with reason. After a run-in last night with the Outlaws, half the guys want to start fighting dirty, but the other half wanna keep it clean. And since I’m the president of the Heartlands Motorcycle Club, everyone is looking at me for guidance.

We’ve gathered for a meeting in the Ride or Die bar, everyone arguing with beers in their hands.

Maddox and Jackal are pissed. They’re the ones who took the punches last night. They’d gone out there, about a hundred miles north to Outlaw territory, trying to scout out the situation. It didn’t go well.

“We need to fight back,” Maddox grunts. “That’s the only way they will listen.”

I shake my head. “We’ve worked way too hard to get our club clean to fuck this up.”

Jaxon growls. “After what I did to Gunner, they’re out for blood. They’ve already come here, tried to ruin our bar. What next? Take our families? They’ve hurt some of our women enough already.” He looks over at Saint — his wife, Cat, spent too long in the hands of our enemy before she came here, to the Heartlands.

“I agree with Conley,” Saint says, backing me up. “Their new president, Grill, is a fucking ass, from what Cat remembers. I don’t want to deal with that shit. Not when half of us have a whole lot to lose.”

I take in my men — so many of them wear rings, or at least a black band tattooing their promise on their ring finger. Babies on the way. Hell, there is a lot to lose. I don’t want their wives to end up as widows over fuckers like the Outlaws. No. They deserve better. We all do. That’s why I started buying up property in Seneca, cutting ties with the arms dealer we used to work with, and trading drugs for stocks.

Not that I have the same stakes as these men. Hell, I’ve been single for a long ass time — as long as I can remember. And there may be a bunch of club whores hanging around, but they’ve never tempted me. It’s not that I don’t want to wet my whistle, but it would take a special woman to entice me. Truth is, my job as club president means I’m already committed.

It’s time to make a tough call that I know some of the men won’t like. “For now, we are going to focus on keeping a low profile. I appreciate you boys wanting to go out there and see what they had brewing, and it’s good to know who their new prez is, but we need to focus on our own shit for now.” I run a hand over my jaw. “Let’s focus on our own businesses — and keeping Seneca safe.”

The men nod, knowing the conversation is through, and even though it was heated, they respect me enough not to argue further. When Stella and Roxanne carry out trays of beers and shots, everyone turns the focus to our plans for the following weekend. Our road captain, Ranger, has an itinerary to show us for a ride.

The rest of the meeting goes smoothly, and by the time we’re done, everyone is cooling off and ready to have a good time. The bar opens to the public and some of the regulars start showing up. Steve and Barbie come in together and I smirk, thinking that’s a wild pair. By the sound of engines in the parking lot, I know it’s gonna be a busy Friday night.

My son, Killian, pats my shoulder. “Hey Dad, you still coming to the barbecue on Sunday?” he asks. “Daisy wants you to know her dad won’t be there.”

I give him the side eye, shaking my head. It’s crazy to think of my own son as all grown up, married to the sheriff’s daughter to boot. It’s been a long hard road, finding solid footing with him. For a long time, he’s resented me — but now that he is a father, he’s coming to see me as more than the man I was.

“I’ll be there. Gotta see my granddaughter. But for the record, I don’t have a problem with Daisy’s father. He’s the one who doesn’t have an open mind.”

“Maybe, but I mean, you’ve been running an illegal operation my entire life, Dad,” he says dryly. He thinks it’s funny, but I don’t find it humorous.

“I know what I’ve done, Killian. I’m trying to make my wrongs right.”

Grunting, I leave the bar, frustrated with everything. Everyone. I get that leadership has its up and downs, but lately it seems near impossible to make everyone happy. I do my best, but hell, I know we have enemies, and I hate the idea that the club I built might hurt the people I love. Every decision weighs heavily on my shoulders. Sometimes I just wish I could ride off into the goddamn sunset and have some fun. It’s been a long ass time.