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Flora Ferrari

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Something about Roxanne Young captured my attention before I even met her… the second I read her romance novel, I knew she was something special. Little did I know that she was going to be a familiar face from my past…

I always knew I was going to write under a pseudonym… after all, Roxanne Young is much more experienced in the language of love than me… a complete virgin at the age of twenty-one. But I guess my older brother’s ex-best friend – and the CEO of the publisher I just submitted to – might be able to step in and give me some inspiration.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


I can barely believe my eyes. As I’m curled up on the couch with a coffee in my hand, checking my emails, I see something I wasn’t expecting at all.

A response from a publisher.

I blink to see if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but the email remains firmly in my inbox. I feel a twist of excitement in my stomach. With shaking hands, I move my cursor to open the email.

To Roxanne Young,

I would like to reach out personally as the CEO of King Press to let you know that we very much enjoyed the manuscript that you delivered to us. We’re very excited about the potential it holds and I would like to meet you for dinner in order to discuss how to proceed further with this. Please let me know a time and a date when you’re available to meet.


Kingsley Collins

CEO of King Press

My heart skips a beat at the sight of my own pseudonym. It feels so strange to use a fake name, but I wanted to keep this whole thing private...I’ve never been one for being in the limelight. And now, my alter ego is being given the chance to meet with a publisher and have her work recognized.

The name of the CEO seems so familiar to me, though I can’t figure out why. It must just be because the company is so huge and well-respected. I can’t believe that King Press wants anything to do with me! And yet here I am, practically swooning over the email as I fantasize that I might soon become a published author.

I need to keep a level head thought. I email back with my availability and I get a quick response from the CEO’s assistant arranging for us to meet at a fancy Italian restaurant in town...tonight. She even tells me to dress up for the occasion. I sink back in my seat, allowing it to wash over me. If this goes well, then this is going to give my career the kickstart it so sorely needs. If this goes well, I might finally be able to give up my crappy part-time job, move out of my father’s apartment and make a life for myself. I read the email to myself over and over, allowing warmth to fill my heart. This is it. This is my moment.

I have to find something to wear. I want to impress whoever this man is...Kingsley Collins...the man in charge of my future. I rush to my tiny bedroom in my father’s apartment and look for something suitable to make me look good tonight. The only thing that seems suitable is a little red dress that hugs every curve of my body. I try it on with a leather jacket and stare at myself in the mirror, wondering if it’ll be enough to seal the deal. Surely they’re looking for someone as interesting as the manuscript I submitted? With my dirty blonde hair and mud brown eyes, I need to do everything I can to stand out.

But I’ve always been a little nervous about being a bigger girl. I know that my body gets judged wherever I go. I think I look good...but will Kingsley?

I tell myself it doesn’t matter. He’s meeting me because he likes the way I think, not the way I look. But part of me is hoping he’ll like both. Something about this man Kingsley has me hooked already...I get the feeling there’s something special about him. I guess I’ll find out when I meet him for dinner.

There’s just one problem. My father and my brother are both watching a soccer match in the living room. I’ll have to walk past them to get out of here. No doubt they’re going to want to know where I’m headed, and I really don’t want to have to tell them. I’ve always been pretty private about my writing, and if they find out I’m meeting with the CEO of a publishing company, they’ll want to know details. For once, I want to keep my business to myself.

Still, I’ll have to offer some explanation at least. I’ve always been a good girl. I come home from work each night, make dinner for my brother and father and then head into my bedroom for the evening, staying up late to write or going straight to bed. I never do anything to disrupt the system. I never go out on dates or head out once it’s dark outside. I never wear tight-fitting dresses to meet and impress men I know nothing about. And yet tonight, I’m doing all of those things.

Seven o’clock approaches, and I need to be at the restaurant for half-past. I take a deep breath, checking myself in the mirror. It’s now or never. Clutching my bag and trying to ignore my nerves, I leave my bedroom. Both my brother and my father turn around to see me entering the room.