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Bolt - Iron Thunder MC

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Savannah Rylan

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She might be the enemy.
When Cassie shows up looking for her brother, I know she's trouble.
Just the kind I like. Chip sold our shipment to a rival MC.
He's a traitor. But is she?
I'll make it my mission to find out. Even if that means tying her to my bed, I'll get the answers I need.
She's feisty and stubborn, Just my type.
She might be the enemy, But, in the end, She's the girl for me.
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Savannah Rylan



I woke up in a cold sweat, and looked around. I was glad to be in my own bed but wasn’t alone, and I’d forgotten all about that.

That wretched nightmare was back again, the one in which I ran and ran in an endless loop down a dark tunnel, the sound of dripping water overhead. I never went anywhere, just kept on running till it felt like my chest was about to explode. Well, maybe it wasn’t a nightmare at all—maybe it was a sign. But I didn’t want to think about that. Not right now.

I sat up and the figure beside me stirred.

She had the covers pulled high up to her neck in front of her, leaving her back exposed to me. A perfectly rounded butt.

Now, I recalled slapping that fine butt last night, admiring the way it had bounced when she’d driven herself into my cock repeatedly, up and down, up and down on my lap—while I sat there in a chair, nonchalantly just sipping on an ice-cold beer.

And she’d given a satisfied groan at the end of all that, but did I actually satisfy her? Did I? She’d made plenty of comments about my enormous cock and how she couldn’t wait to have it inside her, but the feeling wasn’t exactly mutual. No, not mutual at all, in fact.

Okay, so she was fuckin’ hot, admittedly; there was no doubt about that, but although my cock was telling me something, it didn’t mean I really wanted her, at least not the same way she said she wanted me.

She was a redhead who sure did know what she wanted, one with sexy, pouty lips; her lipstick was just as bright as her hair and it had really got me going at the start. That was till I got bored of her endless yapping.

See, she couldn’t stop giving me her backstory, something about her ex, what a monster he’d been to her—yada, yada. Got the sense she was looking for something.

Anyway, I wanted to hold her, shake her, make her see I wasn’t it, whatever the fuck she thought she was looking for.

But it was too late.

Next thing, she was taking off her clothes, tweaking her nipples with her fingers. I should’ve put my can down right there and then and just sent her out of my apartment, but my cock was already throbbing in my pants.

She saw it too and her lips curled in a smile.

Maybe she thought she had some kinda hold over me.

So, I gave up and just fucked her, hoping I’d fall asleep easily. Hoping I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night with this dream running through my head again. But it didn’t work. There was no escaping it.

And now, in the pitch dark, there she was again, the bitch—that redhead lying next to me, thankfully facing away this time. I didn’t want to watch her sleep, because then I’d feel the urge to wake her and tell her to get the fuck out of my place.

I was a bastard most of the time, but Mama had raised her boy to be good to women. Yes, as much as they fucking annoyed me sometimes.

I was just about to get up to go splash cold water on my face—but my phone buzzed on the dresser. In the dark, I fumbled my way to it and saw Flash’s name illuminate the screen.

What was he doing calling me in the middle of the night?

I took the phone out of the room, groaning into it in the hallway; I was still covered in sweat and needed a shower.

This better be good, I thought.

“Need to get your ass over here before all Hell breaks loose,” Flash said, out of breath as he spoke.

“What’s goin’ on?” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, a little confused. I’d been at the Clubhouse just a couple of hours ago; that was where I’d picked up the redhead over a game of pool.

Things had seemed calm enough when I’d left, so what had changed so drastically in that span of time?

“Get the fuck over here, Bolt. I need my Sergeant of Arms to take care of this fuckin’ mess.”

I could hear raised voices behind his, could barely hear the music always blasting in the Clubhouse. This alone meant trouble.

“On my way,” I said and hung up. Whatever it was, Flash considered it important enough to drag me out of bed for it.

I returned to the bedroom to put on my clothes; that girl was still just lying there asleep in my bed, and I debated whether to wake her.

Was it a good idea to just leave her in my apartment?

Didn’t want her getting the wrong impression.

The way a woman’s brain worked was still a mystery to me.

I could leave a note that she should see herself out and shut the door behind her? But in the end, I decided it was best to not give her a hint of interest. No—no note.