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Alphas In Love - The Complete Series Books 1, 2

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Tory Baker

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Best Selling Author, Tory Baker, brings you a boxed set of one of her most popular series, Alpha’s In Love, with all new, never seen before, bonus content.
Book #1, Carried Away:
Declan Williams is a billionaire. He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing.
Kendall Jackson.
Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever.
Kendall is about to get carried away in all of the things Declan has been dying to do to her. But most of all, this over-the-top Alpha won’t rest until he claims her heart.
Book #2, In Love With My Best Friend:
Jake Price has always loved Larissa. She’s been his best friend and his confidant. Then, one single night lines were blurred, and she became his lover.
He knew that he finally found the woman that he was meant to spend forever with, except he woke up alone. Larissa was nowhere to be found.
After months and months of searching for her, she shows up at his apartment. Now, Larissa’s back, with a big surprise that just might rock Jake Price’s entire world.
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Tory Baker

Chapter One


I leave my meeting exhausted. Williams Equipment has grown in the last ten years and with that growth, it may have become one of the most successful supplier in sports companies for football gear, but it’s also taken a toll on me. When I first started out, I wanted to make sure football players had the necessary gear to help prevent injuries. I played the game myself; one injury was all it took, and I was out. A torn ACL at the age of twenty-four. Before that happened, I felt like I could conquer the world. I busted my ass in college and was drafted into the NFL, built up my name and then two years later it was over. Just like that, my career was shattered. I could have gone into sports commentating or even become a coach, but I sat back and knew I wanted to do something to help prevent injuries on the field.

Now at the age of thirty-four, I’m ready to slow down. For ten years, I dedicated my life to my company.

I ease into my car, start it up with the push of a button, and leave the heavy Sterling Heights traffic. I could have called my driver to take me to the private airport that holds my personal jet, but something about driving and being in control helps me relax. The curves of the road, the way the car purrs. It helps ease the chaos that I seem to be surrounded by lately.

My phone rings through the system. I see the screen flashing “Dad” across the screen and as much as I want the peace and quiet while I drive, I can’t ignore this call.

“Old Man,” I say with a chuckle into the car audio system.

“Har fucking har, Declan.” I can tell he’s rolling his eyes and trying to muffle his laughter. He may be getting older in age, nearing his sixties, but he could run laps around some of these young guys.

“Everything okay?” I question.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t they be? Can’t a dad call his son and check up on him?” He’s questioning me now.

“Just making sure, Pops,” I say to him.

“You heading to South Carolina?”

“Almost to the airstrip now. How are you and Mom?” I ask as I pull into the road leading to the airport.

“We’re good. Your mother is trying to talk me into taking her to Aruba,” he grumbles.

“The house is there when you need it and if the jet isn’t available, you can always use Brian’s,” I tell him. Mentioning my brother to my dad. We’ve all done well for ourselves. Brian more than me. We never see him. He’s always off taking over some company or another.

“Don’t tell your mom that. We just got back not even a month ago and she’s ready to vacation again. My wallet needs a break from her shopping.” I can hear the laughter in his voice. My dad did good for himself while we were growing up. Now it’s their turn to live free and easy.

“Well, it’s yours whenever. I just got here, but I’ll keep you posted when the meetings are over.” I park the car waiting for us to say our goodbyes.

“Love you, boy,” he says.

“Love you both,” I tell him, and I hit the end button and unfold from my car. I grab my sunglasses and put them on. The sun is blazing in Michigan this time of year.

I make my way into the private jet and look around. I’m stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes land on Kendall. It’s been two months. We’ve had the small touches, the secret smiles back and forth, and any time I can get close to her, I yearn for more. Yet every time I get closer to going after her, something in my fucking company comes up and derails me.

This time I’m not letting her get away. I want to see her hair fall down in waves that I know will glide in full curls all the way to her luscious ass. The employee issued uniform leaves little to the imagination in the way of her body and fuck, it’s one hell of a body. Hourglass figure and on the thicker side. Something I know I can hold onto while I take her from behind, on top, or watching the sway of her curves as she’s on top. Yeah, I’ve thought about taking her in every imaginable position possible.

On the rare occurrences I get to actually see Kendall and I catch her eyes, her porcelain skin flushes a bright red.

Yeah, Kendall Alexander will be mine after this weekend.

Chapter Two


Declan Williams just made his way onto the airplane. The atmosphere changes immediately. I haven’t seen him in weeks. Apparently, he’s been at his operation headquarters. When that happens, I usually get to stay locally in Michigan unless I find a few shifts to take on other airlines. It’s been my normal since I started working as a flight attendant two years ago. When I graduated high school, I knew college wasn’t meant for me. I wanted to travel the world to see things before I settled down.